Where do I vote in Harris and Fort Bend County?

The border crisis is a humanitarian one
by Tina Blum Cohen
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  • America must retain its integrity by securing its borders.
  • Additionally, America must project its authority and sovereign control over its airspace, coastal waters and quite possibly stratosphere.
  • America cannot allow any of its borders to be controlled by any entities other than itself. This is integral to the security of our nation.
  • Furthermore, regardless of the altruistic doctrine of America, she cannot allow individuals to break the nation’s laws governing legal immigration to this country by disregarding our borders and circumventing proper immigration channels.
  • Moreover, America risks the security of each citizen of the country when we fail to properly identify and examine individuals seeking to enter our country.
  • With the risks involved due to terrorism and criminal activity, we must secure our border with every tool available today.
  • If elected I will work tirelessly toward securing our border with all the tools at our disposal, whether it be physical barriers, human capital, or tactical technologies.

Economy & Cost of Living

  • America simply cannot function and be the superpower that it is without a vibrant and bustling economy. It should be our first priority to stem inflation in order promote growth in the private sector.
  • We must promote responsible de-regulation and tax cuts on our small businesses in order to foster the best market environment possible for future investment and entrepreneurial risk taking.
  • Additionally, we must remain competitive on a global scale with corporate tax rates, and we must work with our great corporations in order to incentivize their businesses to remain stateside, while considering fair yet adequate tax structures.
  • Providing the opportunity for businesses to thrive in a healthy competitive marketplace will not only encourage efficiency among firms, but will also provide the best possible products and services for the American consumer to choose from.
  • Much like the risk-taking entrepreneurs who must be stringent and accurate in their investment, the American government must also abide by those principles when it comes to government spending. We cannot allow bloat and corruption to continue to bankrupt the American taxpayer.
  • I believe America should have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, and if elected I will do my best to further that legislation.

Energy & Drilling

  • Energy is the most important and influential aspect of America’s economic power and supremacy on the world economic stage.
  • America must strive for energy independence as it allows the country to project power and authority around the world.
  • Additionally, having a strong energy sector is critical for America’s national security and defense.
  • With a strong energy sector, the United States is not beholden to the demands of other countries, many of which have somewhat unfavorable views toward America.
  • Therefore, America must retain and further it’s capabilities in energy production as well as staying at the cutting edge of new technologies.
  • Oil and Natural Gas is a tremendous component of our energy sector, and to deny this is a costly mistake.
  • America needs to appreciate its natural resources and embrace our abilities to harvest them sustainably and efficiently. This includes exploring new methods and technologies, such as renewables, to produce energy, at the same time continuing to cultivate efficient methods of extracting and using traditional resources.

Parental Rights

  • Families are the bedrock of American Society.
  • Parents are the foundation of the family, as they are the creators of the family. America has always and must always respect the rights of parents to decide the values that their families, and most importantly their children, will share.
  • The main supplement of the family to value structure is school.
  • Parents entrust our school systems to properly educate their youngsters.
  • Parents have inalienable rights to know and have a say in what teachers are exposing their children to.
  • Parents must be consulted on issues that arise in the children’s education or extra-curricular activities. Schools and teachers do not have unilateral authority over our children.
  • Additionally, parent’s have rights over the medical aspects of their children’s lives until they are of legal age. Only parents have the right to determine best courses of action in regards to medical procedures and are the primary decision makers in terms of mental health related issues.
  • Finally, when children do eventually grow up, if they develop medical or mental health issues later in life, past the age of consent, there should be legislation that can consider options for parents that can allow for decision making in regards to medical care while respecting the civil rights of the child.


Podcast episode on AFR.net from the show Jenna Ellis in the Morning:
Crisis In The American Education System With: Tina Blum Cohen, Michelle Botelho, and Manny Diaz Jr.
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  • Education is vital to the progress and survival of our nation.
  • America would collapse into nothing without our future generations of populace being capable of performing the necessary tasks to run the country. Our education system is the starting point for that necessity.
  • America must invest in our youth, and provide a cultivating environment for all of our youngsters.
  • To ensure our children are able to learn and absorb the critical information they will need to hone their skills needed by society, our institutions of learning must have adequate resources to provide that experience.
  • In order to lead our world in this new competitive climate, our children must have emphasis on STEM related material as well as critical reading, writing and thinking skills.
  • Additionally, Physical eduction and nutrition is critical to a population of children that is increasingly struggling with obesity and other health issues related to lack of experience with proper diet and exercise.
  • Moreover, Sports and the Arts are absolutely necessary to provide the cultural, emotional and spiritual knowledge needed to produce a vibrant, ethical and virtuous society in the future.
  • Finally, a publicly funded option for higher learning and or continuing education should be created to produce a capable professional workforce, and if elected I will work toward providing that opportunity to future generations.

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Where do I vote in Harris and Fort Bend County?