Parental Rights

  • Families are the bedrock of American Society.
  • Parents are the foundation of the family, as they are the creators of the family. America has always and must always respect the rights of parents to decide the values that their families, and most importantly their children, will share.
  • The main supplement of the family to value structure is school.
  • Parents entrust our school systems to properly educate their youngsters.
  • Parents have inalienable rights to know and have a say in what teachers are exposing their children to.
  • Parents must be consulted on issues that arise in the children’s education or extra-curricular activities. Schools and teachers do not have unilateral authority over our children.
  • Additionally, parent’s have rights over the medical aspects of their children’s lives until they are of legal age. Only parents have the right to determine best courses of action in regards to medical procedures and are the primary decision makers in terms of mental health related issues.
  • Finally, when children do eventually grow up, if they develop medical or mental health issues later in life, past the age of consent, there should be legislation that can consider options for parents that can allow for decision making in regards to medical care while respecting the civil rights of the child.