Law and Order

  • Police and Law Enforcement are an essential tool for a functioning society.
  • As is becoming self evident in our current climate, without police, our country would most likely become chaotic and dangerous, with many people who are less able to defend themselves being preyed upon by would be criminals.
  • Police perform the rudimentary task of keeping the peace. We simply cannot have people shooting it out in the streets because one person took a loaf of bread from someone else.
  • That is why it is necessary to make sure that our police are adequately funded and supported.
  • However, because of the awesome power that is bestowed upon law enforcement to carry lethal force, and to restrict freedoms, police must be held to a much higher standard when it comes to adhering to the law themselves.
  • Additionally, Police all around the country require more training, more often.
  • Police must use many perishable skills, such as problem solving, de-escalation, and possibly marksmanship, but as police are now having to deal with much broader emergency response situations, they must have adequate training for all the different types of occurrences which they might encounter.
  • If elected, I will work to create legislation that not only shores up support for our law enforcement, but also requires a higher level of training, and stricter rules for the application of their duties.