• Healthcare is vital to the progress of the American populace, and for many years now it has become a very real problem for many people in the US.
  • America needs to end the corruption and price gouging that is occurring on a day to day basis within all aspects of the healthcare sector.
  • De-regulation of the medical industry within reasonable safety margins must be considered as it would allow healthcare costs to be dramatically reduced due to expelling rising costs of insurance and legal issues for medical providers.
  • Additionally, there must be more de-regulation of lower tier medical assistance, such as imaging, first aid, etc. so that there can be more competition and more options, thus lowering prices, for the American patient.
  • However, regulation that should be considered would be legislation that would put an end to the price gouging by for-profit hospitals from everything such as surgery, to emergency medicine fees, to 10x price hikes on simple drugs such as ibuprofen.
  • I believe if we can get healthcare costs under control, the healthcare insurance will inevitably become more affordable for the average consumer.
  • Finally, America needs not ban, nor tax excessively, freedoms, but should strive to encourage healthy practices among the population such as incentivizing the quitting of smoking, eating less junk food, and tax credits for exercise programs.