• Our world is Everything. We must do what we can to protect it.
  • We must explore new technologies in energy production, supply chains, and pollution mitigation in order to keep our environment clean for generations to come.
  • Luckily, we have the capabilities to do new research and development, and our government should do all that it can to foster that creativity and ingenuity in our public and private sectors.
  • However, America must be measured and reasonable in its approach, and quite frankly, must be honest about the truths of what is truly detrimental, and what can actually produce solutions to very complex issues.
  • We should not destroy our energy sector, which is a tremendous asset in providing funding for research for cleaner and more efficient technologies, and we should not be blame individual citizens for living their lives. In most cases these pollution issues are created by large corporations or other countries around the world.
  • Corruption surrounding both oil and renewable technologies must come to an end if there is to be any meaningful change.
  • America needs to coherently and honestly assess a multi pronged approach to combating pollution, so that we actually achieve a cleaner world; not just demonize nor placate oil executives, and not just virtue signal at the expense of child slaves in lithium mines.