• Entitlements also known as social safety nets are necessary for the good of society, however, because of fraud, abuse of the system, and poor management of our border, immigration policy, and our ever more precious resources, our social safety nets have become more fragile than ever.
  • America must reform its entitlement programs in order to eradicate fraud from the system, and dismiss abusers of the systems that scrape finite resources away from people that truly need it.
  • America also needs to encourage chronic users of entitlement programs to seek more self sufficient means of sustenance for their own good. Nobody should aspire to stay on these programs as their formal lifelong income. Americans should aspire to succeed in some personal or professional endeavor so that they are not just surviving but thriving.
  • Moreover, American entitlement programs should be distributed to American citizens only. Not only do non-citizen entitlements incentive more illegal immigration, but it is not fair to American citizens in need. People entering the country illegally are absorbing finite resources that are meant to help American citizens. American lives suffer as a consequence.
  • If elected, I will work to close these loopholes so that taxpayer funds designed to help taxpayers go to taxpayers when they need it.