• Energy is the most important and influential aspect of America’s economic power and supremacy on the world economic stage.
  • America must strive for energy indepence as it allows the country to project power and authority around the world.
  • Additionally, having a strong energy sector is critical for America’s national security and defense.
  • With a strong energy sector, the United States is not beholden to the demands of other countries, many of which have somewhat unfavorable views toward America.
  • Therefore, America must retain and further it’s capabilities in energy production as well as staying at the cutting edge of new technologies.
  • Oil and Natural Gas is a tremendous component of our energy sector, and to deny this is a costly mistake.
  • America needs to appreciate its natural resources and embrace our abilities to harvest them sustainably and efficiently. This includes exploring new methods and technologies, such as renewables, to produce energy, at the same time continuing to cultivate efficient methods of extracting and using traditional resources.