• Education is vital to the progress and survival of our nation.
  • America would collapse into nothing without our future generations of populace being capable of performing the necessary tasks to run the country. Our education system is the starting point for that necessity.
  • America must invest in our youth, and provide a cultivating environment for all of our youngsters.
  • To ensure our children are able to learn and absorb the critical information they will need to hone their skills needed by society, our institutions of learning must have adequate resources to provide that experience.
  • In order to lead our world in this new competitive climate, our children must have emphasis on STEM related material as well as critical reading, writing and thinking skills.
  • Additionally, Physical eduction and nutrition is critical to a population of children that is increasingly struggling with obesity and other health issues related to lack of experience with proper diet and exercise.
  • Moreover, Sports and the Arts are absolutely necessary to provide the cultural, emotional and spiritual knowledge needed to produce a vibrant, ethical and virtuous society in the future.
  • Finally, a publicly funded option for higher learning and or continuing education should be created to produce a capable professional workforce, and if elected i will work toward providing that opportunity to future generations.