• America simply cannot function and be the superpower that it is without a vibrant and bustling economy. It should be our first priority to stem inflation in order promote growth in the private sector.
  • We must promote responsible de-regulation and tax cuts on our small businesses in order to foster the best market environment possible for future investment and entrepreneurial risk taking.
  • Additionally, we must remain competitive on a global scale with corporate tax rates, and we must work with our great corporations in order to incentivize their businesses to remain stateside, while considering fair yet adequate tax structures.
  • Providing the opportunity for businesses to thrive in a healthy competitive marketplace will not only encourage efficiency among firms, but will also provide the best possible products and services for the American consumer to choose from.
  • Much like the risk-taking entrepreneurs who must be stringent and accurate in their investment, the American government must also abide by those principles when it comes to government spending. We cannot allow bloat and corruption to continue to bankrupt the American taxpayer.
  • I believe America should have a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, and if elected I will do my best to further that legislation.