Border Security

  • America must retain its integrity by securing its borders.
  • Additionally, America must project its authority and sovereign control over its airspace, coastal waters and quite possibly stratosphere.
  • America cannot allow any of its borders to be controlled by any entities other than itself. This is integral to the security of our nation.
  • Furthermore, regardless of the altruistic doctrine of America, she cannot allow individuals to break the nation’s laws governing legal immigration to this country by disregarding our borders and circumventing proper immigration channels.
  • Moreover, America risks the security of each citizen of the country when we fail to properly identify and examine individuals seeking to enter our country.
  • With the risks involved due to terrorism and criminal activity, we must secure our border with every tool available today.
  • If elected I will work tirelessly toward securing our border with all the tools at our disposal, whether it be physical barriers, human capital, or tactical technologies.